Case Study: University of Alberta


The University of Alberta was seeking to reach cigarette smokers and to help motivate them to quit the habit. But smoking is a tough addiction to overcome and cessation efforts tend to fall short of producing results when the message is perceived by smokers as preachy. Education is the better motivator. Just as important, the You Can Quit program required that their learning tool be portable so it could be moved to various locations across the province with minimal setup. 


Technology fused with expert insight is where Pixelera excels. The solution to You Can Quit: a portable kiosk featuring interactive touch-screen media, designed to reach smokers at all stages of what is referred to as “the cycle of change.” To fully tackle the educational challenge of this project, the team partnered with a learning consultant. Together, they developed a script based on field-tested approaches to learning, designed to connect and enlighten their target audience with positive rather than negative messages. 

This all-original software was then packed in to a professionally finished cabinet, engineered for durability, portability and ease of use. But the real proof that this kiosk was a winner with audiences came with the results of focus group testing and client feedback: all of which was very positive. People loved the personal-level of engagement in the touchscreens, the tasteful tone employed for its smoking cessation messages, and that it motivated smokers to think about how they could live cigarette-free lives.

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Beyond solutions.

Beyond solutions.

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Old fashioned where it counts

Old fashioned where it counts.

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Proven and tested.

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Scale Like a Pro.

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Simplicity is worth fighting for.

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Sparks matter.

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Your needs drive the solution

Your needs drive the solution.

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Your work gets done here

Your work gets done here.

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