How did we apply eLearning to this project?

Who knew that cooking a delicious flame-broiler burger came with so may instructions! That’s exactly what we found out when we took on this rapid turnaround project for Burger King.

To enable new and existing staff to learn more efficiently, Burger King provides online eLearning modules to educate them on how to use the equipment in their kitchens.

Working with their subject matter experts, we produced 2 interactive eLearning modules – one that showed staff how to use the different broilers to properly cook their hamburgers and a second one that explained step by step how to cook and serve french fries.

Both modules provided a narrated experience with immersive interaction that enabled employees to:

  • explore each broiler and learn how it works
  • explain in detail the correct procedure to use each piece of machinery
  • test their knowledge to ensure the content was retained

The result is nothing short of yummy!

Michael Foley

Website Consultant/Advisor

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