The Touchscreen Challenge

The Canadian War Museum, located in Ottawa, Ontario, required 14 touchscreen exhibits in place once the new location opened to provide an immersive experience to the more than 500,000 visitors who are welcomed to the museum each year.  The issue was they needed to all be created, tested and installed within 6 months of project kick-off.

The Canadian War Museum is Canada’s national museum of military history and one of the world’s most respected museums for the study and understanding of armed conflict.

The Museum’s exhibition galleries and public programs have been designed to emphasize the human experience of war. The Canadian Experience Galleries present the military history of Canada from earliest times to the present day, as well as Canada’s history of honouring and remembrance. Each gallery highlights defining moments in Canada’s military history and the ways in which past events have shaped the nation.

Each touchscreen had to best represent the defining moments.

Working with 13 different onsite subject matter experts, each with their own vision, needs and space to fill, we were able to complete production on time and budget.  In the end we produced exhibits including one that mimicked a World War III scenario (based on the movie War Games), one that allows visitors to search for relatives World War I and II attestation papers, one that brought to life the journey of a convoy from Halifax to England and another that provided visitors with the ability to take a World War II era pilots entrance exam. 

We have continued to provide post project support to the staff at the Museum to make adjustments to content and help when hardware issues arise.

Michael Foley

Website Consultant/Advisor

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