The eLearning Challenge

How do you make a typical business training course easy to get through?

Each year, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation requires all employees to complete a mandatory Code of Ethics and Business conduct review and acknowledgement process.  This course typically takes 60 minutes and while important to the organization and its employees, a course that typically is just a get through it exercise.

Working with their Human Resources and IT Departments, we produced an immersive eLearning module that explained the guidelines to staff in a way that created engagement while still making them informed of the corporate policies.

This module included:

  • short definitions and concise information – no long boring slides
  • the ability to perform exercises within the content to reiterate the policies
  • test your knowledge stops to reinforce retention

In addition to producing the eLearning module, we also integrated everything into the Member365 Learning Management System. The module was coded to communicate with the CMHC employee database in an effort to provide confirmation of employee completion rates. The LMS also sent automated reminders to employees who didn’t complete the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct module in a timely manner.

Michael Foley

Website Consultant/Advisor

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