Interactive Touchscreens

Expertly designed touchscreen displays, fuelled by field-tested principles in learning and education, packaged in professionally crafted cabinetry—all elements that tell you creativity and innovation thrive here.

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Bringing interactivity to a museum near you.

You may have already used one of the touchscreens we worked on without knowing!

Ignite a whole new kind of engagement with audiences with interactive media

Our creative team works closely with you to develop and design touchscreen interfaces and storyboards tailor-made to the needs of your audience. From museums and public spaces to corporate and retail, Pixelera interactive media is made to connect with people and tell an unforgettable story.

Create deeper meaning behind your message and communicate ideas that stick. It starts with digital signage, touch-screen based educational games, corporate directories and other digital-based content.

True interactive experiences invite your audience to be in charge of how they want to learn more, using time-honoured methods to attract attention and retain knowledge. Our design team works closely with you create this kind of memorable experience for your audience—every time.

Ease-of-use is matched with easy updates when you choose Pixelera for interactive development and design. All touchscreen interfaces and storyboards are engineered for update capabilities, so your content remains fresh and on target.

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What do you get with Pixelera?

Partnering with us makes sense on many levels…

Proven delivery methods

Interactive touchscreens are designed under the direction of educational experts, so that best practices and field-tested methods of learning are exercised on every project.

Knowledge meets insight

Intuitively designed learning experiences are provide you with valuable insight of real-time data on audience preferences, activities and feedback.

Transforming experiences

With Pixelera, your audiences gain a new way to experience ideas and exhibits. Immerse yourself in a 360-degree walkthrough of museum pieces that might otherwise be out of reach, teach new industrial methods to large groups while providing a level of detail usually only found in a small classroom. We’re here to show how learning can be limitless.

The right hardware choices

Interactive media works best when it’s delivered using the right choice of hardware. Pixelera’s creative learning products are designed for handheld tablets, desktop environments as well as stand-alone kiosks. All hardware construction is backed by the same level of craftsmanship found in our software: with an unwavering focus on building great experiences.

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